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Уставной капитал GoodWe (Jiangsu) Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd составляет 20млн. долл.

Сетевые Солнечные инверторы GoodWe получили оценку “Double A” от журнала Photon.

В числе 3-ех лучших в мире журнал Photon признал сетевой солнечный инвертор GoodWe на 4кВт 








 GoodWe has already developed and produced SS \ DS \ DT \ DI \ ES\ JP \ MT seven series solar inverters. The maximum conversion efficiency reaches up to 98.8% with MPPT efficiency over 99.5% and THDi less than 1%, which achieve the world leading level. 

* String Inverter: 1.5kW~17kW

* Central Inverter: 100kW~500kW

* Conversion efficiency achieves world-class level( SS/DS series: 97.8%;DT series 98.2%;Central series 98.8%)

* MPP tracking efficiency achieves world-class level(over 99.5% for all GoodWe products)

* Total harmonic distortion of current(THDi) less than 1%, achieving world’s leading level

 GoodWe solar inverter has been large-scaled sold and widely used globally such as Germany, Australia, UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, etc. GoodWe’s quality and service is highly appreciated by clients. 


* All components  from world leading suppliers

* Meeting up with ISO9001:2008 Quality Certification System 

* Each inverter tested strictly (ATS report attached for 13 index)

* DSP(digital signal processor) applied in all products

* Stainless steel screws 304 and anti-ultraviolet screen  used

* IP 65 anti-dust and water-proof

 Exquisite Craftsmanship

* Designed on modern industrial philosophy with aluminum die-casting superstructure panel  

* Baking varnish used   

* Three colors optional( red, blue and silver) 

* Big display screen: 4 inches for SS series and 5 inches for DT series 


* 2012, GoodWe awarded as “The Best Employer” by Chinese government.

* 2012 PV China:  “TOP 10” solar inverter supplier

* 2012 SNEC :“Global Gold Awards” for solar inverter

* 2012.12 Photon  test result “Double A” , ”Very Good”.

* 2012 Polar Star :  “TOP 10” solar inverter  brand